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Any technology enthusiast knows and is familiar with the terms world wide web, deep web, and dark web. They are different but many of the people get confused some of the times. The surface web, deep web, and dark web are the various parts of the world wide web where the sites have different rights of access. The dark web is the darker side of the web whereas the surface web is the lighter side of the web. Only four percent of the internet is utilized through the search engines like Bing or Google. The remaining percent of the internet is accessed with software browsers and special tools. You can think that darker side hides many secrets, criminals, and other protocols.

Differences Between World Wide Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web

World Wide Web

world wide web

The world wide web is the gathering of different webpages or websites which are stored in the servers of the web. These web servers are connected through the internet to the local systems. These sites possess digital images, audios, videos, and text pages etc. The individuals can gain access to sites content from anywhere of the world over the internet utilizing their tools such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones etc. The deep web, surface web, dark web are all the parts of world wide web.

The world wide web along with the net allows the text display, media, and retrieval to your device. The web building blocks are web pages which are HTML formatted and are connected through the links called as hyper texts or hyperlinks and are accessed by the hyper text transfer protocol. These links are the connections which are formed that link the information pieces for accessing the desired data at anytime and anywhere by the users. The hypertext offers the benefit of selecting a phrase or word from the text and then accessing the other pages which offer extra data related to that searched phrase or word. The web page is provided with an address known as uniform resource locator. A specific gathering of web pages which belongs to particular URL is known as the website. The world wide web is similar to the big electronic book whose pages are stored on various number of servers worldwide. Little websites store their pages on one server but bigger one’s store on several servers.

The world wide web provides the individuals with the information to retrieve and exchange it. It follows the hypertext links to visit a web page and from that move on to other kind of webpages. For accessing the web, you need a web browser to be installed on your system.

The world wide web functions based on the basic format of client and server. The web pages are stored and transferred to the client’s networks or computers when requested by the customer. The server of a web is like a structure which is a software program which serves the web pages that are requested by the client of a web through the web browser. The browser will let the user to view the documents which are retrieved. The web server will host the website where as the client requests for it. There are actually three major innovations which are used by world wide web, they are web browsers, hyper text transfer protocol, and hyper text markup language.

Deep Web

deep web

The deep web consists at the top of dark web. It is also the internet’s darkest side with deep contents of the web that you cannot be able to discover or accessed directly via web search engines like Bing or google. The internet’s ninety six percent is involved in the deep web and dark web. The deep web incorporates different normal uses like online banking and web mail etc. The tiny or very small activities which are illegal might take place in the deep web. The deep web doesn’t need or require any special browsers of web. Actually, they require a direct link for accessing websites which are modeled to put the crawlers of the search outside.

You can access the deep web through the encryption, password, or through the software gateway. It is not at all indexed for the web search engines. It is bigger in size and is growing in an exponential manner.

Dark Web

the dark web

The dark web is the overlay network which is present below the deep web. It is particularly designed for the anonymity. This is the place where certain things are hidden. The dark web is defined as the websites which are present in the darknet. These are the pages which are present on the servers and cannot be accessed through the search engines without any legal account. The illegal activities that occur in dark web happens in large scale. Unfortunately, credit cards, personal information, and pretty much anything illegal is sold here. Malicious computer nerds use all types of strategies to obtain valuable personal information. They target users on porn sites and hookup sites and apps. You need some unique devices in accessing the dark web. So next time you login to doublelist or some other backpage alternative looking for that casual encounter, make sure you are safe and careful where you click. The popular and prominent network used is Tor which is referred as onion router which paves the path to the traffic of internet to the web sites in the dark web which is done to allow anonymity through the encryption layers.

The Tor encrypts the information, involving the destination. This is done multiple times and transfers it in relays of Tor through a circuit. Every relay then decrypts the encryption layer for revealing only the next relay for passing the remaining data which is encrypted. The relay of final Tor decrypts the inner encryption layer and sends the actual information to its target without showing any information or even not showing any address of source. It is better to keep in mind in a simple way that you can use Tor for accessing the dark web. Due to their dark nature, the dark web goes down from time to time. For getting the better client administration, it is crucial to be away from this dark web. These are restricted to use for only special browsers. This dark web is not indexed for search engines. It is unmeasurable due its dark nature.

Now you should know some of the differences between the World Wide Web, deep web, and dark web. And…

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